Our Founder

When the people at the middle age is busy to stand on their own feet, two people with their different thought have come forward to the work to reform society. Mr Tirthankara Roy and Mr Koushik Kumar Roy have established this organization with the goal of helping people of all levels of society, reviving them in their struggle for freedom, bringing them back to the mainstream of society and many more social reforms.

Tirthankar Roy

He is a person with full of energy and has lots of practical sense, who has a mentality to create a society where humanity should be served first. His attitude towards mankind is always respectable and we r proud to have him as a very good guide.

Koushik Kumar Roy

He is a positive minded person about every aspects of life. There are many things he wants to experience and he likes to help people with not only materialistic things but also with thoughts. He believes if you want to help someone truly then help them to change the thought 1st.

Our core team

An organization is never possible without a disciplined team. When a team works hard by gathering together, then an organization becomes complete. Today the Tirthankar Welfare Society has become full of such a tightly coupled group.

Bandana Roy


Tushar Mridha

Assistant Secretary

Kalidas Das

Project Coordinator 1

Murari Chatterjee

Project Coordinator 2

Minati Barai

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Bisakha Chakraborty

Social Blogger